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This quintessential Australian vacation home, located on a ridgetop of an old dairy farm in NSW Australia, was built to be a permanent base for the Sydney owners after they retire from the workforce.

The project, located in Gerringong two hours south-east of Sydney, drew on the expertise of a number of specialists. The combined efforts of the team resulted in a spacious, private home that offers ample space for its owners to relax, unwind, and entertain friends and family.

Wood cladding was used to maintain the classic rural appearance of this renovated farm house.

Considerations for Design

The semi-rural site presented many challenges, including the fact that it was not served by electricity, city water or sewerage. We had to ensure our local electrician was on hand to ensure it was wired for everything we need and it was in a safe condition.

The requirements for building design and construction differ depending on the level of bushfire attack that a particular development is assessed to be attracting. Scyon Walls ™ was chosen for its fire-resistant properties because of its high Bushfire Attack Ratings.

Scyon Linea offers the unique features and charms of weatherboard, but requires less maintenance. It was an easy choice when choosing the material for the facade.

A builder from Australia, says: “The architect and the client decided to use this material at the design phase and we had no objections.”

We’ve worked with this product before and love the Linea board. The boards have clean lines with a large shadow cast – perfect for a rural look.

Turning A Holiday Home Into A Forever Home
Turning A Holiday Home Into A Forever Home

Time and Budget

Staying on schedule was essential, as the handover of the Gerringong house was scheduled to take place a week prior to the 60th birthday party on the premises.

Prefab walls were used to speed up the construction process. They can be installed up to 25 percent faster than timber cladding.

The builder says that “the board can be quickly erected, saving time and labor.”

The birthday party was booked four months in advance and both the builder and the landscaper were invited. All parties knew that timely completion of work was essential!

It was satisfying to complete the project on time and within budget. It was also an honor to celebrate with our client the journey and see their family start making memories at home, beginning with a birthday!

Now and Forever

The 280m2 resultant design is made up of three single-story wings that contain garages, bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as the living and kitchen areas.

The owners’ eclectic collection is complemented by the high ceilings, clean lines and native hardwoods throughout the house.

The bedroom wing has four double bedrooms. The master suite includes a luxurious ‘his and his’ bathroom, and a glass wall that offers a view to the Pacific Ocean, framed by mature native forests.

The structure is topped with a sparkling lap pool, and the 100m2 deck connects it to the living area.

The kitchen, dining area, and living room are all located oceanside. They flow seamlessly onto the deck, which is surrounded by grass.

The owner was thrilled to be able to take possession of the home that met his expectations and even exceeded them.

Quine: “We were absolutely thrilled with the classic country look we achieved on this home using weather board – as were our customers.”

We’ve used these walls to great effect in this house. We will do so again for projects that require a classic look.

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Renovation Your own Home: A rewarding journey

Renovations are not only about improving the aesthetics and functionality of your home. They’re also an emotional journey that can add significant value to both your property and your life. You can personalise your house by incorporating elements which reflect your lifestyle and tastes.

It is impossible to describe the sense of satisfaction that you get from finishing a renovation. From the planning and designing stages, to the finishing touches, each step in the renovation process is rewarding. You will feel a sense of satisfaction as you watch your vision become a reality, room by space.

Renovations can also increase the value of your property. You can make your home more appealing to buyers by updating the old fixtures, improving layout and the overall appearance. Modern, well renovated homes command higher prices on the real estate market. This makes your renovation investment a sound financial decision.

A renovated home can also increase its value and generate rental income. This is especially true if you decide to rent out your house for holidays. Renting out your home to travelers is now easier than ever thanks to platforms such as Airbnb. Beautifully renovated homes in desirable locations can attract many guests and provide a steady income stream.

Renting out your property can help you offset renovation costs or fund future home improvements. This allows you to enjoy the property at certain times during the year, while also earning income when not in use. Meeting new people and allowing others to share your home adds an extra social element.

Renovations are a multi-faceted project that can enhance both your emotional satisfaction and financial stability. You can create a space that is unique to you and reflects your personality, while also adding value to your home. You can choose to rent out your home for holidays or live there. The rewards are plentiful and long-lasting.

Holiday Home Overlooking The Ocean
Holiday Home Overlooking The Ocean

Project Information

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