With Stria, you can choose to personalise your home using a blend of colours, lines, and textures like never before. Architects and builders are finding inspiration in the versatile elements Stria brings to external walls for dynamic and unique building facades that really stand out. Being so easy to install, Stria offers more opportunities to create your own exclusive home design without breaking the budget. 

Get Playful With Line And Colour

Stria can introduce an interesting design features to the walls of your home. But it really comes into it's own when you explore mix the different style, orient them vertically instead of horizontally and vary the colour pallette. Imagine a house that's completely wrapped in Stria where every wall is different, where it's not just the wall style but the colour being changed, and you'll start to see the playful element it brings to your design.

Stria styles
Classic wooden weatherboard - Splayed 255mm: 16mm thick with a tapered horizontal edge giving the appearance of a classic thick wooden weatherboard.
Rendered and raked brickwork - Standard 325mm: 14mm thick with a square horizontal edge creating a 15mm groove below the board above reminiscent of classic rendered and raked brick-work.
Rendered and raked blockwork - Wide 405mm: 14mm thick with a square horizontal edge creating a 15mm groove below the board above. The wider groove spacing is reminiscent of classic rendered block-work

As well as delivering the strong horizontal and vertical lines that work so well in contemporary buildings, Stria is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for overhangs, protective cantilevers and other striking architectural features.

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Clever Features Of Scyon Stria Cladding

  • Extra long boards 4200mm wide
  • Fast to install ship-lap joint
  • 14 - 16mm thick and still nailable
  • Pre-primed for fast painting
  • 25 year warranty
  • Made from Scyon Advanced Cement Composite.

Installing Scyon Stria Cladding Boards

Stria walls go up fast thanks to the shiplap joints which work like tongue-and-groove. The groove on the bottom of the each board slots into the tongue on top of the last one. The tongue is gun-nailed to a timber frame, or screwed to a steel frame and the fixing is concealed by the bottom of the next board.

Stria board sizes:
Stria Splayed 255mm:   4200x255x16 mm (code 404522)
Stria Standard 325mm: 4200x325x14 mm (code 404063)
Stria Wide 405mm:         4200x405x14 mm (code 404413)

Stria coverage:
Stria Splayed 255mm:   230mm effective cover ~ 4.3 boards per metre of height.
Stria Standard 325mm: 300mm effective cover ~ 3.3 boards per metre of height.
Stria Wide 405mm:         380mm effective cover ~ 2.6 boards per metre of height

Stria Standard and Wide Mass: 19.93 kg/m2
Stria Splayed Mass: 21.6 kg/m2

For bushfire prone areas: the Stria cladding BAL Rating is up to BAL 40. Find out more about Stria cladding and resistance to fire.

Stria enhances energy efficiency: when Stria cladding is used with the right insulation, and in accordance with the standard installation instructions, an R-Value of up to 2.8 can be achieved for the wall.

Get creative with Stria corners and accessories.

Butt boards together or embrace the joint with a 15mm wide vertical groove to match the horizontal groove.

Design your corners with mitred edges or box sections using our aluminium external and internal corner trims.

Feeling creative? You can install Stria vertically or even at an angle. For guidence please fill in a contact us form and describe the application so our engineering team can get back to you.

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