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New House Move-In Checklist: 15 Things To Do Before Handover

Moving to a new house is different than moving into a home that you already own. We’ve created a New House Move-In Checklist.

You’re not the only one who wonders how moving to a new house differs from moving to an existing home. We were completely unaware of the extra planning and organization that comes with buying a newly constructed home

You can expect to spend lots of time filling out paperwork and talking on the phone to your local council in addition to the normal sorting and packing involved with moving.

It can be a bit overwhelming at times. This list will hopefully help you prepare for the future. Do not make the same mistake as we did.


New House Move-In Checklist, Two Person Carrying Furniture In The Stairs
New House Move-In Checklist, Two Person Carrying Furniture In The Stairs


Order New Furniture and Appliances.

It’s important to order new furniture and appliances the earliest as possible. It can take up to 5-6 months for some pieces to be ordered! You’d better start shopping for furniture now if you don’t want to end up eating off the floor or with furniture that is not right.

You can check your internet coverage

You’ll likely need to arrange the installation of a new line if you aren’t moving into a brand-new building. Some builders will do it for you but most won’t. So, it’s vital that you include it on your list.

We didn’t check this out before moving in. We had to go 3 months without internet because we didn’t chase this up before moving in. To avoid this, register your new build about six months before you move in!


You’ll want to contact your local council immediately if you require a verge at your new home. You can often do this online but you can also do it over the phone/in person.

New House Move-In Checklist, Man Wrapping A Furniture With A Plastic
New House Move-In Checklist, Man Wrapping A Furniture With A Plastic


Organise external trades

Do you want to have your air conditioning, flooring, or landscaping done on the outside? It’s time to contact tradesmen! These installers usually require a couple of months’ notice, so you should get quotes as soon as your construction is underway. You don’t want a house that is too hot and muggy to live in!

Meeting the neighbors

If you are erecting an external fence, it’s time to find your neighbors and talk about this! You can leave your name and number in the letterbox of your neighbors if they are already residents. If you are having difficulty getting in touch or if you live next to an empty building, your local council may be able to provide you with their contact information.

New House Move-In Checklist, Two Person Carrying A White Sofa
New House Move-In Checklist, Two Person Carrying A White Sofa


* Book removalists.

If you don’t have a lot of friends who can help you, you may want to hire a removalist. Booking last minute can cost you more, even if some removalists are available on short notice. It’s better to shop around now and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the future.

Take out household insurance

Some insurance companies/banks require that the home is completed before they will cover you, while others allow you to begin the claim period up to a week early. I would recommend arranging insurance about 3 weeks before moving into your new house. You’ll prevent a coverage lapse during the handover.
Why not arrange it closer to the move-in date? Accidental fires and floods might not be covered in the first few weeks. We know it’s a bummer!

One week before the handover

* Order Your Council Bins.

You can order council bins online, or call your local council to place an order. This should be done a few days before receiving the keys so that they are ready to receive all your moving boxes. ).

How to Set up a Mail Redirection

You should visit your local post office a few days before moving and arrange for mail redirection. If you forget to update your address, any important documents or bills will be delivered to your new residence. You’re bound to miss one, even if you believe that you have changed your address in all the places it should be.

* Hire a petsitter or babysitter

It’s stressful enough to move without having to worry about young children and pets! It’s a good idea to arrange a pet or babysitter a week in advance if you can afford it. We promise everything will run much more smoothly without children running around.

Connect Your Utilities

It’s best to double-check! You’ll need to have working gas, water, and electricity on your move-in date.

* Buy A Letterbox

If you don’t plan to make a last-minute trip to Bunnings, it is a good idea to have your letterboxes and/or street numbers with you. This way, delivery drivers/removalists/etc won’t have any issues locating your new house. You can expect to receive a few calls from moving companies without it!

Order Your Deliveries

You should book delivery dates and times if you have recently purchased new appliances or furniture for your home. Furniture stores need at least one week’s notice to arrange drivers and vehicles.


* Measure & order curtains

If you can’t get to your home during construction, then it’s better to order curtains and window fittings once the house is handed over. The reason for this is that the REAL size of the windows can vary by a few millimeters from the original design. You can pre-book an appointment with your local installer to measure and quote, or you can plan a visit to spotlight during move-in.

You’ll soon tire of newspaper window coverings.

Please update ALL your addresses

You may need to update the following places:


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