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Creating an outdoor entertaining area with the right ambience is about understanding how to make the most of the space with a design that brings the outdoors in and complements your lifestyle. Read on to learn how to create an outdoor area you’ll love entertaining in.

The rise of the outdoor entertaining area

Only a few decades ago the everyday Australian backyard generally consisted of little more than a patch of grass, a BBQ and a Hills Hoist. Today, an outdoor entertaining area is an essential part of many Australian homes serving as an extension of their living space and an appealing place to dine, relax and entertain year-round.

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Today, an entertaining area is an essential part of every Australian home!

Getting started

The key to a truly ambient entertaining area is to create one that captures your personality and suits the way you live. In planning your outdoor area, think about.

  • How it will integrate into your home
  • The style and design
  • The budget
  • The materials you'd like to use
  • What you want from the space
  • What it's important to you, for example, that it captures the morning sun
  • How much time you'll spend maintaining it

In the modern home of a family that likes to entertain, for example, this may see them create an indoor living area that opens onto the outdoor area using bi-fold doors; a second outdoor kitchen to makes cooking and entertaining guests at the same time convenient and social; and a covered decked area with a dining table and in-built couches for everything from lazy afternoon spent outside to hosting dinner parties al fresco.  

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How to achieve the perfect mood for your outdoor area

Some key factors to consider in creating the right ambience for your outdoor area:

Understand the importance of facade

The facade of your outdoor area is its base and sets the tone for how it looks and feels overall. Using mixed facades can make a modern home look edgy through the blending of different materials. For example, Scyon™ Linea weatherboards painted in stone bring a classic element when paired with the contemporary Scyon™ Stria cladding in grey. Contrasting colours and textures also allow you to add a personal stamp to the design and make it your own.

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Contrast different colours and tones along with different styles and orientations of cladding to put your own unique stamp on your outdoor area.

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Bring the Outside In

The most functional outdoor areas are a seamless extension of the inside of your home. The flow between them should feel natural and connected. This can be achieved through a number of ways, whether through doors that can open out to unite the inside/outside; covered areas (such as decks) that serve as additional living spaces that can be used all-year round; and through clever use of glass, such as floor-to-ceiling windows. Polished concrete floors and timber-look fibre-cement HardieDeck can further add to this.

Make the Best Use of the Space

While it’s easy to have grand ideas for your outdoor area at the inception, it’s important to implement them in a way that makes the most of the space. Consider how the outdoor area will be used and the features you would like to have in it. Explore different ways to address things like storage and seating, for example, in-built outdoor couches or an extended deck.

Personalise the Space

From furniture to foliage to lighting, styling your outdoor space allows you to really personalise it. Think industrial lamps, hardy succulents and dark tone furniture for a modern look. Or a vertical garden, soft strings of fairy lights, and a water feature for a softer style. Creating a colour scheme and theme can help you to pull together a cohesive look that has the right personality and ambience for your outdoor space.

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