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So you love the modern look, but aren’t sure what specific take on the style most aligns to yours. Take our quick quiz and tally your answers to find out which modern aesthetic best suits your lifestyle and personality.

1. If you were looking to buy a vintage item, which of these would it be?

A. An industrial lamp.

B. A Parker armchair.

C. A Scandinavian-style coat rack.

D. Retro shop signage.

2. Your ideal city escape is:

A. Berlin.

B. Los Angeles.

C. Copenhagen.

D. Mexico City.

3. Of these, your favourite flowers are:

A. Kangaroo Paw.

B. Roses.

C. Billy Buttons.

D. Proteas.

4. Which of these bands appeals to you the most?

A. Joy Division.

B. Velvet Underground.

C. Pink Floyd.

D. Bjork.

5. You’ve installed an exterior feature wall overlooking the pool using Stria™ cladding, what colour would it be?

A. Pale silver.

B. Deep brown.

C. White.

D. Black.

6. Which of these would top your Netflix must-watch list?

A. ‘Seven Wonders of the Industrial World’

B. ‘Mad Men’

C. ‘Minimalism: A documentary about the important things’

D. ‘Abstract: The art of design’

So, what’s your modern style?

Mostly A's: Your modern style is industrial.

Disjointed Matrix effect combined with an industrial aesthetic

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Commercial materials and equipment are repurposed to create the foundation of the industrial look.

The industrial look is an edgy take on the modern aesthetic. Industrial modern homes make a bold visual statement with exteriors that marry dramatic forms, clean lines and sharp angles. Commercial materials and equipment, such as warehouse shelving or industrial lighting, are often repurposed and integrated into the interior design, with elements such as polished concrete, untreated wood and exposed brick featuring throughout.

Mostly B's: Your modern style is mid-century modern.

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Flat roofs and large horizontal windows are telltale features of the mid-century modern look.

As a fan of mid-century modern, it’s likely you loved much of the design and interiors featured in TV drama Mad Men. There’s an elegant simplicity to the boxy, pared down shapes of the mid-century modern home, which often feature flat roofs and large horizontal windows. A seamless flow between the indoors and outdoors, and unfussy interiors that bring together statement furnishings and bold use of colour and graphics are also key to this style.

Mostly C's: Your modern style is minimalist.

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The minimalist look is articulated with defined, straight lines and rectangular shapes, combined with a functionality driven interior.

The minimalist take on modernism is one anchored by simplicity. Exteriors blend straight lines, sleek design and rectangular shapes for an ultra modern look. While, inside, the use of space is led by function, creating a feeling of the curated and uncluttered. This pared-down aesthetic has become increasingly popular in recent years with more and more people embracing a philosophy of living with less.

Mostly D's: Your style is abstract.

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Angular surfaces, a mixture of horizontal & vertical lines and irregular storey separation are just some of the features that make the abstract style such a standout.

The abstract look brings a quirky essence to the modern look. While the clean lines and hardwearing, angular surfaces of this streamlined look remain, the abstract introduces interest through a variety of ways. This may includes introducing contrast by mixing horizontal and vertical lines, breaking up different storeys or sections of the home through the use of different colours and materials, or the unconventional placement of windows in the home.

Think you've finally got a grasp on your modern look?


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