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Your home should be a visual reflection of your unique personality and individual style both inside and out. Break the mould with these bold, modern exterior tips and ideas that can be tailored to showcase your very own unique look.

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1. Multi-directional thinking

Nothing creates visual interest like multi-directional lines. Long, clean horizontal lines serve to create a laid-back modern appeal perfect for contemporary beach homes. Paired with vertical lines, the effect can be used to differentiate parts of the home, subtly distinguishing living areas and alfresco areas.

2. Contrasting old and new

Whether you’re catering to a growing family or simply need more space for entertaining, think about adding a modern extension to the existing structure of your home for a look that plays with timeless and modern styles.

Vertical and horizontal cladding can be used to differentiate extensions from the existing structure, and the simple, clean look of cladding works in harmony with most classic looks.

3. Play with textures

When it comes to choosing materials and textures for the exterior of your home, it pays to look to your surrounding environment for inspiration. Taking cues from the natural environment will ensure your house works in harmony with your surrounds and echoes the look and feel of your environment.

For example, use Scyon Matrix™ to create a modern, industrial look and warm it up softer timber accents, allowing you to design a contemporary bush home with modern industrial accents and hints of a rural look.

4. Adapt a classic look

Classic coastal bungalows and country weatherboard cottages can be given a modern makeover with the addition of new materials that add texture. Update the coastal look by pairing Linea weatherboards with a smooth render finish that contrasts old and new. Add a stone wall feature or vertical timber slats to the façade of a weatherboard country home for a contemporary look.


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