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5 signs your home exterior needs a makeover

For most Australians, our homes are a central part of who we are. We make the biggest investment of our lives buying the home of our dreams, we build our lives inside it and we create special memories with friends and family.

So it’s no surprise that many people don’t want to leave their homes – even when it starts falling apart. That’s why an exterior makeover could be exactly what you need to give your house a new lease on life.

Renovating your home doesn’t have to cost the world – or take months out of your precious time. Here are the signs your home exterior needs a makeover.

1. Rot and moisture damage

It’s a common sight these days: beautiful timber weatherboard homes made unsightly by rot and moisture damage. But these sidings are exactly what protects your home against the elements. So if they’re not in top-notch condition, your home isn’t as safe or as comfortable as it’s meant to be.

In many cases the damage will be restricted to a specific area, in which case you can repair that area either yourself or by hiring a professional. If the rot runs deep, however, it may be a case of a complete exterior makeover with a rot-resistant material like Linea™ Weatherboard from the Scyon™ Walls range by James Hardie.

2. Cracks and splinters

Are you seeing more and more cracks, gaps, holes and splinters in your home’s exterior? It’s important to remember that this type of damage isn’t just superficial – although it may impact your home’s overall value should you decide to sell.

Instead, such imperfections can actually affect your home’s structural integrity. Holes and cracks can let in moisture, leading to rot and water damage, as well as provide an entryway for creepy crawlies to nest in your walls.

Not to mention you may be feeling breezes seeping into your home, especially during storms and strong winds.

3. Never-ending repairs and repaints

Do you always seem to be fixing something on your weekends? One problem appears and then as soon as it’s fixed you realise it’s time to repaint your timber cladding.

If you no longer have the time or energy for such exterior upkeep, a low-maintenance cladding solution could be the right option. Not only will this make your life easier over the long term, but it will give your home a brand-new look and feel.

4. Bills are rising

If your heating bills are suddenly much more expensive than the same time last year, it might be down to the quality of your home’s exterior. If there are cracks allowing breezes into your home, or sealing issues around windows, walls and electric fixtures, then that might mean you need to consider a makeover.

The good news: insulating your home with better-quality cladding can keep the heat in during winter and the cool air flowing during summer. That makes life easier on your wallet and ensures the heater and air conditioner are only used infrequently.

5. Outdated look

You don’t need to wait until your home’s exterior is rotten or splintered before investing in an upgrade. Maybe it’s an older home that now looks outdated. Or perhaps you want to redo the exterior with the intention to sell your house for a higher price.

Replacing old timber weatherboard with a stylish option like Axon™ Cladding from the Scyon™ Walls range by James Hardie could be just what you need to make a major profit when it comes time to sell. Think of such a makeover as an investment in your home’s future resale value.

How Scyon Walls can help

Replacing your damaged or outdated exterior with cladding from Scyon Walls is an easy way to renovate and revamp your house. The fibre-cement products will not only deliver a modern, sleek look to your home, but they are highly durable and resistant to fire, rot and termites.

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