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Planning your dream Hamptons-inspired home is filled with creative possibilities, from choosing the layout to selecting materials and colours. Almost every design, however, starts with one common characteristic –  weatherboard cladding.

With its clean lines and classic appeal, there is nothing more quintessentially Hamptons than a weatherboard façade. Here, we answer five commonly asked questions about cladding the exterior of your home to achieve a timeless, Hamptons-inspired style you’ll love forever.

Q: Can I clad over brick?

A: Yes, you can. Weatherboard cladding is a great alternative to rendering to achieve the hallmark look that is synonymous with Hamptons style, combining traditional and contemporary with ease. Updating a brick façade with Scyon cladding is a straightforward and effective way to give your home a fresh makeover and personalise the look of the exterior, and is an obvious choice for restoring or updating older buildings. This process typically involves the installation of a timber or steel batten over the brickwork, followed by the application of a vapour permeable membrane (VPM), such as HardieWarp™ Weather Barrier.

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Three Birds Renovations renovated this old cottage using Scyon Linea to transform the exterior. The result? A charming cottage facade.

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Q: I’ve always wanted a Hamptons-style home – how do I know if weatherboard is suitable?

A: The clean, linear lines of Scyon weatherboard cladding, combined with simple installation, mean they suit just about every home and environment. While ocean views are great, you don’t need to live on the coast to enjoy a timeless and elegant Hamptons-inspired façade. Whether your property is by the water, in the country or on a suburban street, a Hamptons home with its simple and stylish exterior is designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, like you’re on holidays all year round. The durability of Scyon weatherboard cladding means it is also suitable for any Australian climate – no shrinking, cracking or swelling due to heat and moisture which often happens with timber boards. This makes it an ideal choice anywhere from harsh and dry regions to wet and rainy climes.

Q: What weatherboard options are available for my home?

A: Depending on whether you want a modern or traditional finish, there’s a weatherboard cladding option to suit. Scyon Linea™ weatherboard, available in 150mm and 180mm, is a charming narrow board with sharp lines and more deep shadows. The smooth texture and square profile boards provide crisp definition, its overlapping premium 16mm thick boards creating deep shadows. Another option is Stria™ 255 mm Splayed, a narrower board with a bevelled groove that adds a casual element to almost any design. The lower side of each groove is shaved at an angle to provide a look which blends masonry and weatherboards.

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Q: Will the weatherboard last?

A: Yes. When installed and maintained correctly using the right materials, weatherboard cladding will stand the test of time not only aesthetically but also physically. By choosing cement-based cladding as a modern alternative to timber, homeowners are able to achieve the same look of traditional weatherboards without the expense and maintenance. Termite and fire resistant, Scyon cement-based cladding has the same look as classic weatherboards without being prone to warping or shrinkage from exposure to heat or moisture.

Q: Can I paint it any colour?

A: Yes! While it’s hard to go past classic white, Scyon products can be painted any colour you choose. The boards are pre-primed to hold paint longer, so you can take your pick of exterior finishes, from light and bright shades such as white, dove grey and pastels through to more modern dark paint colours like charcoal and duck egg blue. White trims are a hallmark Hamptons look. They add a crisp, elegant touch to your exterior and can really offset coloured cladding. For trims that match the durability and longevity of your Scyon weatherboard cladding, Axent™ Trim is resistant to shrinking, swelling and cracking. It is available in a range of timber-like profiles to suit door and window surrounds as well as external and internal corners to join cladding, and comes pre-primed for fast paint application.  

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