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There’s plenty to love about a Hamptons home but there are more than a few styles to choose from.  Want to find out what your dream Hamptons look is? Take our quick quiz and tally your answers to find out.

1. Your ideal holiday destination is:

A. San Tropez.
B. Hawaii.
C. Istanbul.
D. Denver.

2. A fun day out for you would involve:

A. Your yacht.
B. Surfing.
C. Doing a ceramics workshop.
D. Cycling through the country.

3. Which of these words best describes your design style:

A. Coastal chic.
B. Modern beachy.
C. Old-meets-new.
D. Rustic.

4. Your favourite flowers are:

A. Orchids.
B. Peonies.
C. Oriental Lillies.
D. Banksias.

5. Which of these musicians would be the soundtrack to your weekend?

A. The Shins.
B. The Beach Boys.
C. Phoenix.
D. Johnny Cash

6. On a weekend away, you’d most enjoy going to:

A. A chalet in the mountains.
B. Glamping by the beach.
C. A tiny house in the bush.
D. A quiet farmhouse in the country.

So, what’s your dream Hamptons home look like?

Mostly As: Your dream Hamptons look is Hamptons Coastal.

Blending comfort with understated luxury, a Hamptons Coastal home is a timeless forever home that is effortlessly elegant. Crisp white and classic features reign in this refined yet relaxed home, inspired by its coastal surrounds. 
Lovers of the Hamptons Coastal look appreciate the beach lifestyle and all that it brings, from afternoon naps in hammocks under palm trees in the garden to weekend champagne breakfasts on the balcony.

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For lovers of the laidback beachside life, the Hamptons Coastal look is marked by timeless Scyon Linea™ weatherboard lines and a crisp white colour palette.

Mostly Bs; Your dream Hamptons look is Hamptons Queenslander.

The Hamptons Queenslander marries the style of the elegant Hamptons beach houses of New York’s Long Island with the relaxed charm of Australia’s own Queenslander homes. Seamless connections between the indoors and outdoors and airy light-filled spaces are key to the Hamptons Queenslanders look and the accompanying relaxed lifestyle.

Hamptons Queenslander enthusiasts love to entertain and on weekends are likely to have friends and family gathered on the back deck or by the pool sharing a meal or enjoying drinks.

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The Hamptons Queenslander adds an opulent update to the classic Queenslander.

Mostly Cs: Your dream Hamptons home is Hamptons Contemporary.

The Hamptons Contemporary look puts a modern spin on the classic Hamptons home. From playing with a different colour palette to contrasting materials and textures, this look is about melding the old and the new in a unique way.

Hampton Contemporary fans are creative types that like to put their own personal stamp on an established style. A great example of this look is this renovated beach house by renovators extraordinaire and The Block alumni, Kyal and Kara, where they sat limestone alongside Scyon™ Linea™ 150mm weatherboard on the front facade.

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Put your own stamp on the Hamptons style with a Hamptons Contemporary home, marked by individual accents.

Mostly Ds: Your dream Hamptons look is Hamptons Classic.

The weatherboard style of the Hamptons home meets the charm of a classic cottage in the Hamptons classic look. This look swaps out the coast for the country with a cosy but spacious home that is likely nestled among a backdrop of Australian bush or rolling green hills of grazing land.

Hamptons classic enthusiasts appreciate an old-fashioned touch. You’ll likely find them happily curled up by a roaring fireplace in the living room in winter, or enjoying a long soak in the claw-foot bathtub in the bathroom.

French doors open onto the outdoor patio area

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Swap out the coast for the country with a the Hamptons Classic look.


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