Matthew & Joanne dreamt of a Hamptons-style home that made them feel like they were on holidays all year round. When they teamed up with Jux Developments, there was nothing standing in the way of achieving their dream Hamptons-inspired home to cater to their growing family.

What made you decide to build this home?

Joanne: "Our previous home was a very small 1950s post-war timber house. We had many special family memories in that home, however as the children got older we grew out of it pretty quickly.

For years, we had been planning to build the house of our dreams. We wanted our new house to be spacious and comfortable, and for it to feel like we lived at a resort and were permanently on holiday! Finally, we preferred a house design that was modern but traditional – we wanted a timber-look home that could blend into the Queenslander style without the long-term maintenance issues of an old timber house."

Joanne and Matthew built the Hamptons-style home of their dreams with the help of the talented Jux Developments.

How did you work with Jux developments to get the look?

Joanne: "We sketched our thoughts and designs, shared pictures, established a Pinterest board, visited the site regularly, and communicated with the builder daily. We also selected a draftsman/house designer who had worked on similar Hamptons projects."

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What do you love about the Hamptons look?

Joanne: "We like how the Hamptons look blends in with the traditional Queensland timber homes but has a sleeker feel. We also loved all the custom details of Hamptons homes. Our home is more coastal Hamptons than Queenslander, however we feel Brisbane has created its own version of Hamptons and we wanted to fit within that style – I would describe it as ‘beach meets elegance meets crisp clean design’ using good quality materials.

We also like the coastal-resort tones and laid-back styling – keeping things very light and bright!

"Linea weatherboard is perfect for a Hamptons style home! It helped us achieve the classic lines without the maintenance of timber weatherboard." - Jux Developments

Jux Developments: We think the little details complement the major elements like the Linea™ Weatherboards – this is what gives this home a Hamptons look. For example, the features of the decorative mouldings, trim and gable vents, the custom front door and even lighting added another level of detail to this home. We paired these elements with a classic Hamptons colour scheme of white and grey (Dulux Milton Moon with White Trims).

The Linea weatherboard is perfect for a Hamptons style home! It helped us achieve the classic lines without the maintenance of timber weatherboard.

Love the Hamptons look?

Were there any challenges during the build?

Jux Developments: We had a few challenges with the sloping site, getting levels correct, getting the home to run efficiently and keeping the aesthetic of the home in line with the Hamptons look. However we overcame these issues by regularly sitting down with Matthew and Joanne to figure out their priorities for achieving the look.

"It feels like we holiday at home!" - Joanne, homeowner

What do you think of the finished result?

Joanne: We are very happy with the result and feel we have achieved our key goals and are enjoying living here. It feels like we holiday at home!

What are the top 3 things that you love the most about the look of your home?

Joanne: The colour palette, the seamless large indoor/outdoor living space, and the fact that it’s a new build that will match the Queensland architectural landscape for years.


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